What’s all the hubbub about not requiring any purchases?

Many tour companies and paid excursions in Tokyo will charge a relatively cheap fare at the time of purchase, but during the tour, guests will have to pay for their own drinks and food separately from the tour cost. If the guest were able to participate without purchasing those items, that would be understandable, but since those are typically required purchases, the tour guest has no choice but to pay extra at each stop on the tour.

On our tours, we stress no required purchases because we want guests to be able to participate in the tour without any worries about extra costs. Once you’re on the tour, you should be able to relax and enjoy without being asked to open your wallet.

Even still, we don’t compromise on cost or quality. We offer cheap tours while also providing inclusions in all of our tours.

Chef’s choice at Nigi nigi standing sushi in Nakano

For example, on our Local Shinjuku Bar Hopping tour, we include both a 5-piece sushi course at a standing sushi bar as well as a yakitori assortment and the classic ‘nikomi’ stew at an izakaya-style traditional pub. In addition, we include one drink at each of the four bars in the tour, as well as a free drink at an extra bar for guests who promise to write a review (more on that here). All that at the price of 7000 yen – how will we make any money?? 😵

If a guest wants to order more food or drinks at any location on the tour, they can pay individually for the extra item, as simple as that. But there’s never any requirement to pay for something on the tour – you’re all set!

Robatayaki (traditional Japanese barbecue in Shinbashi)

You can find out about the inclusions in each of our tours on their individual tour pages. Try checking out something that catches your eye below 😊