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All prices are per traveler, and include one drink at each location as well as several food choices depending on the tour. Find out why we place importance on inclusions in our prices.

We also offer a free drink at an extra location at the end of every tour for all guests who offer to write us a review following the tour. Details on this campaign are available here!

  • Shinbashi Salaryman Paradise Tour

    #1 Recommended Tour by Tokyo Handsome Boys

    Tour Details

    Price - ¥5000 per person Days available - Every day except Thursday & Sunday Time - 8:00 to 11:00 PM Duration - 3 hours Meeting place - SL Square, Shinbashi (In front of the train) Included features - dinner course
    Not included - drinks at each location
    Guests who promise to write a review can receive a free drink at an extra spot!

    Tour Highlights

    1. We will go to three different styles of izakaya on this tour: standing bar style, snack bar style, and public style. These each have different purposes, and in visiting them we can feel the change in atmosphere between each, and fully understand the concept of the key aspect of the Japanese lifestyle known as the izakaya.
    2. We can drink ‘koshu’, aged Japanese sake!
    3. These are all regular bar hopping stops for us. They are not made to cater to tourists, but have their own style maintained for years.
    4. We want to help you share a common friendly atmosphere with regulars and locals at the places we visit, and create a local bridge so you can be a participant, not an observer in the action.
    5. We’ll try the drinks and food that are representative of the izakaya style.
    6. We’ll analyze the night town of Shinbashi from a sociological perspective, and draw a full understanding of Tokyo nightlife as a whole.

    Tour Course

    The salaryman’s town is deep. For the office workers who built Japan’s economy with long days on the job, a veritable night playground has emerged to satisfy all their needs. While walking around you’ll start to get a sense for what kind of town this is, from the innocent to the less so.   In the legendary “Old Man Building” a whole floor is dedicated to tiny snack bars packed from wall to wall. This is a world where the 80’s never ended, the oasis of the true salarymen. We’ll visit a snack bar where we can experience vintage Japanese sake tasting, and you’ll be amazed how you can tell the difference just by the year.   The usual favorite for groups of coworkers coming out to drink together after work. We can take an observer’s view and witness the excitement and furor they let out when freed from the strict work environment. Let’s also try the izakaya food so dear to their hearts.   The social spot for salarymen. People can forget about social status and share the night as equals, and many come alone hoping to meet others in the same boat. Your stereotype of the shy Japanese will go out the window. With no separation of tables, any conversation partner is fair game.   If everyone is satisfied, we’ll stumble to each guest’s respective train lines and see them off. Hopefully we can meet again in Tokyo! BUT, For guests who promise to write us a review after the tour, we’ll take you to an extra final bar and treat you to a drink there. Let’s keep the night going to the last train!!  

    How to get to Shinbashi Station's SL Square

    JR Yamanote / Keihin-Tohoku Line -> Hibiya Exit Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Toei Asakusa Line -> Exit 6
  • Local Shinjuku Bar Hopping

    Food & Drink Tour

    As seen on Rough Guides' "A Taste of Tokyo"!  

    Tour Details

    Price - ¥6000 per person Days available - All days except Thursday Time - 8:00 to 11:00 PM Duration - 3 hours Meeting place - Nakano JR Station North Exit Included features - try 3 kinds of food + 1 drink at each of 4 bars Guests who promise to write a review can receive a free drink at an extra bar!  

    Tour Highlights

    International Street

    With our lovely guests from Canada and Hong Kong

    On this tour, we’ll give you a crash course in all the different kinds of alcohol typically enjoyed in Japan. We’ll go to four bars where you can try seven of the most well-known drinks, and we’re sure you’ll find one that matches your palate.

    Delicious highballs mixed by professionals

    With no chain bars in the course, the food is all locally made at each establishment. Standing sushi, yakitori, and the essential bar food ’nikomi’ stew will be included.

    Walking the Nakano Streets

    Our destination is Nakano, close to Shinjuku but with its own local vibe. For those who love to go out for a good drink, Nakano is a well-known favorite. We’ll mix in with the everyday lifestyle of the local Tokyoites and share an unforgettable time.

    Where we'll go

    Sake. Shochu. Highball. Hoppy. Beer. Sour. Umeshu. What’s that spell?? The seven drinks of choice of Japan. We’ll bar hop to four different locations around Nakano and try each of these drinks. The first batter is our favorite standing sushi bar, where we’ll enjoy nigiri sushi and Japanese sake with the traditional Japanese liquor, shochu. These drinks are a perfect match for sushi. Next, at an izakaya (Japanese traditional pub) we’ll enjoy tsukune yakitori, and drink Hoppy and Japanese plum wine, umeshu. Hoppy is alongside beer in popularity at izakayas and can’t be left off your list! The hopping continues with the Beer Kobo, where we’ll try homemade craft beer from its own in-store microbrewery. Last, we'll visit Suntory Pub Black for an authentic whiskey highball made with award-winning Japanese Suntory whiskey. For guests who promise before the tour to write us a review, we'll include one extra bar of our choice. We'll keep that one a secret for now 😉

    What is Nakano?

    Busy night

    Nakano is only one station away from Shinjuku, but it’s a totally different world. For those who really love delicious drinks, and Japanese-style izakayas, Nakano is the place to be. With over 150 izakayas just in the area surrounding the station, with many of the standing style made for lovers of bar hopping around town.

    In the JoJo anime theme bar

    Ranging from Buddhist bars to Otaku bars, to bars dedicated to 50’s Japanese records, to baseball bars, pro wrestling bars, the list goes on with unique and individualistic bars flowing out like a river of sake.

    The old alleyways of Nakano are now brimming with bars and izakayas

    In the period following the war, Nakano originated as a booming black market, and its roots still remain with evidence of the classic 50’s and 60’s culture of its heyday permeating the town. Just walking around fills you with wonder.

    Learning about food, drink and culture

    Nakano, a town with universities, offices, even a theater and a huge anime shopping mall, this town has something for everyone, from students to salarymen, from artists, to otaku, even housewives meeting up for a day out; that’s why it’s consistently ranked as one of the top towns Tokyo people want to live in.

    The second floor of this tiny bar becomes a private party

    Nakano - A true representative of Local, both of Shinjuku and of Tokyo. Come visit soon!
  • Survival Japanese Communication

    Tour Details

    Price - ¥3500 per person Days available - Every day except Thursday Time - 8:00 to 11:00 PM (Monday - Friday), 4:00 to 7:00 PM (Saturday - Sunday) Duration - 3 hours Meeting place - JR Asagaya Station South Exit Included features - 1 drink at each of 2 locations; Japanese learning materials you can take home with you Guests who promise to write a review can receive a free drink at an extra bar!  
    Hi, I'm Kevin! I made this tour and hope you can come along :)
    I've been studying Japanese for seven years and have JLPT N2. I fell in love with Japanese from the artistic shapes of the kanji, and I was amazed at how its grammar differed from English from its core. Some people find this aspect of Japanese to be intimidating, but you will discover how easy it is to have a conversation with just a few words, and how your experience in Japan and your reception by Japanese people will transform with even the tiniest knowledge of the Japanese language. On a trip to a foreign country, why not take a chance on its language?

    Tour Course

    I use the West Tokyo local area of Asagaya, for its plenty of choices of cafés and bars that are easy to enter and enjoy together with residents of the town. It's not often visited by tourists so it's a perfect spot for us to use our first Japanese and understand what Tokyo local nightlife is all about!

    What will we learn during the tour?

    We'll start right off learning the basics on the walk to the café, and we'll be ready to say "good evening" and order your included first drink by the time we get there. We'll spend one hour learning and practicing basic conversation skills. The course includes twenty minutes on greetings and formalities (please, excuse me, how are you, etc.), twenty minutes on basic sentences (this, that, what is this?, I want that, etc.), and twenty minutes on sentences with verbs (I'll drink, I drank, let's drink!!). The word list I use is extremely small so you don't have to worry about cramming tons of information and forgetting it all. We'll get a little warmed up practicing making a purchase at the convenience store, then we'll end up at the pub which is the real test. We'll find locals to mingle with and once the "Kanpai!!" (Cheers!) is done you'll find that you've made new best friends in no time. You'll also notice that you can already hold a basic conversation about where you are from, what you did today, and where in Japan you plan to go. These skills (and memories) won't disappear when the tour is over, they will stay with you for the remainder of your travel and beyond!

    Why Nightlife?

    I decided to conduct this tour at night instead of during the day because of the conversation opportunities it provides. The Japanese that I'll teach can be useful day to day, but on vacation, there's nothing so precious as making memories with local people. Many Japanese people are interested in the tourists who come to visit, but they don't have confidence in their English and can't get up the nerve to come and talk to them, so many tourists spend their whole trip without talking to any locals other than their tour guide or hotel staff. But if you speak just a little Japanese to them, it can break down those barriers, and even if they're nervous, they'll break out their high school English and before you know it you'll be having a conversation and maybe even make a new friend across the world. Nobody can master the complicated Japanese language in just three hours (or even seven years 😜), but what really matters is that we take that first step and extend the olive branch. The rest will work itself out.👍

    What if I already know some Japanese?

    The tour group will be mixed between beginners and those who've studied before, but in doing the tour I've never found it to be a significant problem adjusting to each person and giving advice for intermediate learners as well. Although we'll cover just the basics of Japanese, those basics can be surprisingly deep and I'm confident I can provide information to keep students of various levels interested. Also, I'm sure that the experience communicating at the local bar will be a great experience for everyone, and if you're confident you can help out in getting the new learners to try speaking as well 😉
  • Our Neighborhood Tour in Local Shibuya

    Food & Drink Tour

    Price - ¥4500 per person Days available - Every day except Thursday Time - 8:00 to 11:00 PM Duration - 3 hours Meeting place - Sangenjaya Station South Exit B Included features - dinner course + 1 drink at each of 3 locations Guests who promise to write a review can receive a free drink at an extra spot!    

    Tour Highlights

    If you want to feel the real local, this is it! The town that we live in, Sangenjaya, is just two stations from Shibuya. But you’ll find it has a personality and culture all its own. Foodies, drinkers, and even fashionistas gather here to create a chic, urban environment. People all over Tokyo are watching this spot right now as an up and comer. But for us, it’s like our backyard! We’ll show you how we normally enjoy an evening out in Sangenjaya.

    Tour Course

    We’ll visit one restaurant and two bars on the tour. We’ll enjoy a dinner course of okonomiyaki, along with a food you can only eat in Tokyo, monjayaki. Then, we’ll visit a standing bar and a yakushu ‘medicinal’ bar.


    First, we’ll visit our favorite local okonomiyaki restaurant. Let's start off with a drink to get the night going! https://youtu.be/Pw_6GjFsjhY Let's try making okonomiyaki, the representative Osaka food, by rolling it out ourselves on the griddle and flipping that big mother over. This is why it's often called the Japanese flapjack! But unlike pancakes, okonomiyaki is a savory dish made from flour and eggs, and filled with a variety of ingredients like cabbage, Japanese rice cake (mochi) and can contain any kind of meat, or vegetable-only okonomiyaki for our vegetarian guests!

    The finished product, topped with seaweed and bonito flakes

      Next, let's try monjayaki, the representative Tokyo food, and compare the tastes! The results may surprise you!!

    Just what is it exactly...?

    Monjayaki uses fish broth as a base instead of flour, so it doesn't have the bounce and structure of okonomiyaki, but we know you'll find a place in your heart for it.

    Naoki's drunk level: 1


    Next, we’ll visit a yakushu bar - the characters for yakushu are ‘medicine’ and ‘alcohol’. Each of these drinks contain herbs and vitamins which can heal your ailments from the physical to the abstract. With over 50 bottles to choose from, anything from your aching body to unclear skin, to lack of sleep, can be soothed. For all your exhaustion from your trip, we’ll get you something with a punch to provide that energy charge you need!

    Naoki's drunk level: 2


    Our next stop, a standing bar whose power is created by the people who live and love in Sangenjaya. You’ll often run into a friendly face who you met here or somewhere else in town. We’ll be your local bridge and help you meet new friends - you might find when chatting that the people here aren’t so different!

    Naoki's drunk level: YABAI

    LAST STOP: ???

    For guests who promise before the tour to write us a review, we’ve got another bar waiting for you! By that time our group may have a few new members… Let’s have a final drink and toast to our first night out as new friends! We'll see you off to the station and say our goodbyes. But you're always welcome to come as a friend to see us again in Our Neighborhood! And then, as soon as you're out of sight...

    Naoki & Kevin's drunk level: MAX

    Good night!!