Shinbashi Salaryman Paradise Tour

#1 Recommended Tour by Tokyo Handsome Boys

Tour Details

Price – ¥5000 per person

Days available – Every day except Thursday & Sunday

Time – 8:00 to 11:00 PM

Duration – 3 hours

Meeting place – SL Square, Shinbashi (In front of the train)

Included features – dinner course

Not included – drinks at each location

Guests who promise to write a review can receive a free drink at an extra spot!


Tour Highlights

  1. We will go to three different styles of izakaya on this tour: standing bar style, snack bar style, and public style. These each have different purposes, and in visiting them we can feel the change in atmosphere between each, and fully understand the concept of the key aspect of the Japanese lifestyle known as the izakaya.
  2. We can drink ‘koshu’, aged Japanese sake!
  3. These are all regular bar hopping stops for us. They are not made to cater to tourists, but have their own style maintained for years.
  4. We want to help you share a common friendly atmosphere with regulars and locals at the places we visit, and create a local bridge so you can be a participant, not an observer in the action.
  5. We’ll try the drinks and food that are representative of the izakaya style.
  6. We’ll analyze the night town of Shinbashi from a sociological perspective, and draw a full understanding of Tokyo nightlife as a whole.


Tour Course

The salaryman’s town is deep. For the office workers who built Japan’s economy with long days on the job, a veritable night playground has emerged to satisfy all their needs. While walking around you’ll start to get a sense for what kind of town this is, from the innocent to the less so.


In the legendary “Old Man Building” a whole floor is dedicated to tiny snack bars packed from wall to wall. This is a world where the 80’s never ended, the oasis of the true salarymen. We’ll visit a snack bar where we can experience vintage Japanese sake tasting, and you’ll be amazed how you can tell the difference just by the year.


The usual favorite for groups of coworkers coming out to drink together after work. We can take an observer’s view and witness the excitement and furor they let out when freed from the strict work environment. Let’s also try the izakaya food so dear to their hearts.


The social spot for salarymen. People can forget about social status and share the night as equals, and many come alone hoping to meet others in the same boat. Your stereotype of the shy Japanese will go out the window. With no separation of tables, any conversation partner is fair game.


If everyone is satisfied, we’ll stumble to each guest’s respective train lines and see them off. Hopefully we can meet again in Tokyo! BUT, For guests who promise to write us a review after the tour, we’ll take you to an extra final bar and treat you to a drink there. Let’s keep the night going to the last train!!


How to get to Shinbashi Station’s SL Square

JR Yamanote / Keihin-Tohoku Line -> Hibiya Exit

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Toei Asakusa Line -> Exit 6