Our Neighborhood Tour in Local Shibuya

Food & Drink Tour

Price – ¥4500 per person

Days available – Every day except Thursday

Time – 8:00 to 11:00 PM

Duration – 3 hours

Meeting place – Sangenjaya Station South Exit B

Included features – dinner course + 1 drink at each of 3 locations

Guests who promise to write a review can receive a free drink at an extra spot!



Tour Highlights

If you want to feel the real local, this is it!

The town that we live in, Sangenjaya, is just two stations from Shibuya. But you’ll find it has a personality and culture all its own.

Foodies, drinkers, and even fashionistas gather here to create a chic, urban environment. People all over Tokyo are watching this spot right now as an up and comer. But for us, it’s like our backyard! We’ll show you how we normally enjoy an evening out in Sangenjaya.

Tour Course

We’ll visit one restaurant and two bars on the tour. We’ll enjoy a dinner course of okonomiyaki, along with a food you can only eat in Tokyo, monjayaki. Then, we’ll visit a standing bar and a yakushu ‘medicinal’ bar.


First, we’ll visit our favorite local okonomiyaki restaurant. Let’s start off with a drink to get the night going!

Let’s try making okonomiyaki, the representative Osaka food, by rolling it out ourselves on the griddle and flipping that big mother over. This is why it’s often called the Japanese flapjack! But unlike pancakes, okonomiyaki is a savory dish made from flour and eggs, and filled with a variety of ingredients like cabbage, Japanese rice cake (mochi) and can contain any kind of meat, or vegetable-only okonomiyaki for our vegetarian guests!

The finished product, topped with seaweed and bonito flakes



Next, let’s try monjayaki, the representative Tokyo food, and compare the tastes! The results may surprise you!!

Just what is it exactly…?

Monjayaki uses fish broth as a base instead of flour, so it doesn’t have the bounce and structure of okonomiyaki, but we know you’ll find a place in your heart for it.

Naoki’s drunk level: 1


Next, we’ll visit a yakushu bar – the characters for yakushu are ‘medicine’ and ‘alcohol’. Each of these drinks contain herbs and vitamins which can heal your ailments from the physical to the abstract. With over 50 bottles to choose from, anything from your aching body to unclear skin, to lack of sleep, can be soothed. For all your exhaustion from your trip, we’ll get you something with a punch to provide that energy charge you need!

Naoki’s drunk level: 2


Our next stop, a standing bar whose power is created by the people who live and love in Sangenjaya. You’ll often run into a friendly face who you met here or somewhere else in town. We’ll be your local bridge and help you meet new friends – you might find when chatting that the people here aren’t so different!

Naoki’s drunk level: YABAI


For guests who promise before the tour to write us a review, we’ve got another bar waiting for you! By that time our group may have a few new members… Let’s have a final drink and toast to our first night out as new friends!

We’ll see you off to the station and say our goodbyes. But you’re always welcome to come as a friend to see us again in Our Neighborhood!

And then, as soon as you’re out of sight…

Naoki & Kevin’s drunk level: MAX

Good night!!