Local Shinjuku Bar Hopping

Food & Drink Tour

As seen on Rough Guides’ “A Taste of Tokyo”!


Tour Details

Price – ¥6000 per person

Days available – All days except Thursday

Time – 8:00 to 11:00 PM

Duration – 3 hours

Meeting place – Nakano JR Station North Exit

Included features – try 3 kinds of food + 1 drink at each of 4 bars

Guests who promise to write a review can receive a free drink at an extra bar!


Tour Highlights

International Street

With our lovely guests from Canada and Hong Kong

On this tour, we’ll give you a crash course in all the different kinds of alcohol typically enjoyed in Japan. We’ll go to four bars where you can try seven of the most well-known drinks, and we’re sure you’ll find one that matches your palate.

Delicious highballs mixed by professionals

With no chain bars in the course, the food is all locally made at each establishment. Standing sushi, yakitori, and the essential bar food ’nikomi’ stew will be included.

Walking the Nakano Streets

Our destination is Nakano, close to Shinjuku but with its own local vibe. For those who love to go out for a good drink, Nakano is a well-known favorite. We’ll mix in with the everyday lifestyle of the local Tokyoites and share an unforgettable time.

Where we’ll go

Sake. Shochu. Highball. Hoppy. Beer. Sour. Umeshu.
What’s that spell??
The seven drinks of choice of Japan.
We’ll bar hop to four different locations around Nakano and try each of these drinks.

The first batter is our favorite standing sushi bar, where we’ll enjoy nigiri sushi and Japanese sake with the traditional Japanese liquor, shochu. These drinks are a perfect match for sushi.

Next, at an izakaya (Japanese traditional pub) we’ll enjoy tsukune yakitori, and drink Hoppy and Japanese plum wine, umeshu. Hoppy is alongside beer in popularity at izakayas and can’t be left off your list!

The hopping continues with the Beer Kobo, where we’ll try homemade craft beer from its own in-store microbrewery.

Last, we’ll visit Suntory Pub Black for an authentic whiskey highball made with award-winning Japanese Suntory whiskey.

For guests who promise before the tour to write us a review, we’ll include one extra bar of our choice. We’ll keep that one a secret for now 😉

What is Nakano?

Busy night

Nakano is only one station away from Shinjuku, but it’s a totally different world. For those who really love delicious drinks, and Japanese-style izakayas, Nakano is the place to be. With over 150 izakayas just in the area surrounding the station, with many of the standing style made for lovers of bar hopping around town.

In the JoJo anime theme bar

Ranging from Buddhist bars to Otaku bars, to bars dedicated to 50’s Japanese records, to baseball bars, pro wrestling bars, the list goes on with unique and individualistic bars flowing out like a river of sake.

The old alleyways of Nakano are now brimming with bars and izakayas

In the period following the war, Nakano originated as a booming black market, and its roots still remain with evidence of the classic 50’s and 60’s culture of its heyday permeating the town. Just walking around fills you with wonder.

Learning about food, drink and culture

Nakano, a town with universities, offices, even a theater and a huge anime shopping mall, this town has something for everyone, from students to salarymen, from artists, to otaku, even housewives meeting up for a day out; that’s why it’s consistently ranked as one of the top towns Tokyo people want to live in.

The second floor of this tiny bar becomes a private party

Nakano – A true representative of Local, both of Shinjuku and of Tokyo. Come visit soon!