What’s a ‘free extra bar’?

A free extra bar is exactly that – after the tour ends we’ll take any guests who promise to write a review to an extra bar where we’ll treat them to a drink of their choice. The extra bar will be another local spot we love that we think should have been included in the tour, but didn’t have enough time to visit. Since the tour is technically over, we’ll be able to break down the walls between host and guest and just drink as friends. We hope that all the guests who make it this far will also be able to come along for a free afterparty on another day after their tour (more on afterparties).

Enjoying a bonus drink together after the tour is over – Naoki is already tomato face boy

Why do we offer this super cool deal? Two main reasons:

1. We want to get to know you better after the tour, so that we can keep in touch and continue to be your friends in Tokyo even after the tour is over! A three or four hour tour isn’t enough time to really get to know each other, but we love to meet our guests from all over the world beyond those boundaries. After our tour, you are not our guest, you too are a Tokyo Handsome Boy!!

2. Reviews are so important to us! Good reviews and bad reviews will both help us to become stronger. A good review will let other guests know how much you enjoyed the tour and spread the word of Handsome; a less-good review will let us know what we need to work on and help us get stronger for our tours to come, so we can double down and work even harder for our next guests. If we don’t get a review at all, we don’t know what we should do to change, but just get sad that our new favorite guest forgot about us after leaving Tokyo 😭

We understand if you’re exhausted after the tour and need to head home. We would love to hear your opinion in a review either way 😊

To all guests who have already participated and would like to write us a review, you can do so using the widget below. We’ll love you forever ❤️