For many tour companies, a tour is three hours, and when the clock strikes the hour it’s time to go home. Well, maybe the guests are satisfied with that, and if so that’s great. But we know a lot of guests look for local connection in their tour guides – that’s what’s really important to us! Whether you’re a solo traveler or a whole family, we want to keep meeting you after the tour and be your friends in Tokyo. For us, Afterparties are a great way to do that – we can have a great time meeting guests again at a new place and with a new group made up of only the guests who were cool enough to meet us again (that’s you!)

Participation in afterparties is free. Drinks and other fees are not included, so when a purchase is required at the event place we will say so in the specific event. It is usually required to buy at least one item at most bars. We’ll let you know!

Also, if the afterparty after your tour doesn’t work with your schedule but the one before your tour does, feel free to participate in that one. Getting to know guests before the tour is also a great opportunity for us! And feel free to come to more than one afterparty if you have time, we just love to meet our guests, that’s the long and short of it!!

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