Tokyo Handsome Boys are rethinking tours.
Tokyo is our home, but for you, Tokyo is but a moment – A flash of light to be held and cherished.
Your time in Tokyo should not be wasted on a tour which sees you as just another customer.

You probably can guess how most Tokyo tours go.
Follow the guide to the Shibuya Scramble,
Follow the guide to the Tokyo Skytree,
Listen to explanations you didn’t ask for and won’t remember.
Take a selfie, fast – the next tourists are waiting to take the same picture, and the next tourists too.
It’s a clean system, like a conveyor belt.
We only dare to say that your time and money is worth more than that.

Our modest philosophy is one of treating guests the way we treat our friends.
We take you to the places we live and we love;
We know them by heart,
But meeting you there lets us see these places again for the first time.
We tell you everything about the places we go,
But through a conversation,
Not through a lecture.
Every experience in Tokyo is something different, new, and beautiful, and deserves to be valued as such.
Our goal is to make that experience the best we possibly can.